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American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Class

(2020 Guidelines)


Any healthcare professional or healthcare student

Class formats:

1. Full class:

(about 3 to 4 hours – depending on the length of time the students require for learning and testing)

Cost: $90 (includes the student ebook and ecard)

2. Renewal class:

(about half to 2/3 the length of the full class)

Cost: $75 (student is required to already have or purchase the current student provider book/ebook)

A. Requires a current American Heart Association BLS Provider certification card that is about to expire.

B. This is faster than the full class because it eliminates some of the simpler aspects that the American Heart Association believes that you should remember.

3. Hybrid:

(skills session lasts about the length of time that the renewal class takes)

Cost: $31 for the cognitive portion ( & 44 for the skills session

A. Student receives online cognitive training from

B. Student schedules a skills session with Lifesaver CPR after completing the cognitive online training.

C. Student completes the required review, skills practice, and skills testing

Sample Ecard

BLS Sample Ecard (2020 Guidelines)
BLS Provider Sample Ecard (2020 Guidelines)