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Wilderness First Aid


Individuals who travel two or more hours away from a hospital (a remote/wilderness location) (e.g., Boy Scouts)

Key concepts:

  • Improvisation for the wilderness
  • skill practice
  • Cognitive study of wilderness first aid
  • Scenario and individual skill practice
  • Discussion of cognitive ideas/scenarios
  • Splinting and wound care are emphasized with treatment on a deep wounded leg manikin


Full classroom:

This is approximately a 20-hour class with a very thorough cognitive and scenario-based learning.  There is no renewal format.  There is no hybrid format.  


$150 per person with a range of students within the class of 4 to 9.  Special arrangements can be made with fewer than four students needed for the class.  


  • Students must have current CPR AED certification for adults prior to starting the class
  • Students must be at least 14 years old prior to starting the class
    • If the student is mature but less than 14 years old, he/she may participate in the class but cannot become certified

Please call for details/scheduling: 214-704-3891